Why am I visiting Kyoto?


I'm unsure if Kyoto is famous or not abroad, but I'll stay in Kyoto for a bit

A couple of reasons

• Many Japanese including myself have some admiration for Kyoto, because this was a capital city for more than 1000 years & still home to numerous traditional/cultural/historical things

• Kyoto is known for "very hot summer & very cold winter". I visited Kyoto in spring/summer/autumn, but not winter. Wanted to see Kyoto's winter

• I always have an impression that Kyoto is a university town. And indeed it is. Vibrant, bright, youthful vibes

• Books (will touch another day)

An author of this diary/Etsuko Takano was a student in Ritsumeikan uni in Kyoto
who killed herself by train at 20 y.o. in 1969

For a long, time I've wanted to read this diary in Kyoto, as this is where she lived, breathed, thought, felt, suffered & wrote all about it

Over 50 years passed and many things changed & disappeared

Cafes she often went, uni building she studied, a hotel she worked, a railway crossroad where she passed away....., all no longer exists

But it doesn't really matter, as long as I can feel something in the spot

This is all I've been wanting, since the first read,

it was when I was still 21 y.o.
it was when I was still close to her life
it was when I was still as anxious, as unconfident.....and perhaps, as innocent as she was