My Thoughts about Shinzo Abe 2

9/July/2022 in Belgrade

It's been quite surprising for me after I wrote about Japan's ex-prime minister Abe last Friday 

Even some of a non-Japanese person who I'm following/followed here have his/her own episode about Abe and shared it with me 

And when I went out on Friday night, several random Serbian people I met mentioned him, like "What happened to your PM/ Prime Minister?", "I'Il offer my condolence" etc 

This was totally unexpecting and made me realise how influential Abe was and how much he was liked 

My interest in Abe often feels like some sort of "human drama" 

I always have an impression that "Abe tried so hard to make his wishes real, but failed" 

What were his wishes? 

One of them was changing the Japanese Constitution

l'Il not dive into its details here, but there are some issues on the constitution, but fixing it requires lots of powers in the parliament and nobody succeed for the last 75 years 

Abe's grandfather was also PM in 1950's, and one of his ambitions was changing the constitution, yet he couldn't make it In this way, Abe wanted to realised his grandfather's wish and in fact 

Abe was very close to it in the late 2010's, but in the end he couldn't make it happen, and Abe resigned in 2020 due to his illness 

Also, other ambition Abe's grandfather had was making a peace treaty with Russia and solving the territorial dispute, which his grandfather couldn't make it 

Solving problems with Russia was Abe's father's wish as well 

So, Abe succeeded this wish from his grandfather and father, and wanted to realise it, but in the end it didn't happen, and Abe resigned

His resignation also brings some dramatic element

His illness was so serious that he couldn't continue being PM

His resignation wasn't coming from his own mistake or his inability, but purely something he couldn't control 

So when he resigned, it brought a strong emotion of sorrow. He wanted to keep going but was forced to stop 

And 2 days ago, he was forced to end his life itself, because of totally unacceptable, unforgivable incident

One's failure always attracts more sympathy and a human-like emotion called empathy than one's success

There are also things Abe could make it

Abe's father was a well-known politician 

It was the early 90's and many thought he could be the next PM

But due to cancer, he passed away, just before reaching the position of PM

In this sense, Abe became PM himself, which means he realised his father's unfilled dream

Another one is being the longest serving PM Abe became the PM in 2006, but next year he suddenly reigned because of his sick 

Afterwards, every year Japanese PM changed, so actually Abe was the one who started this bad trend and brought political instability 

However, he became PM again in 2012 and brought the stability by serving as PM for a long time 

What's more, he became the longest serving PM in the Japan's history In a sense, he took his responsibility and fixed the problem he had created by himself in the best possible way Regarding his unfilled wishes, Abe was still 67 years old

And in fact there were many supportive opinions that Abe could be PM again in the future and follow his ambitions 

But now, it's confirmed that it will never ever happen 

Abe's mother is 94 years old, living in Tokyo 

Her husband (Abe's father) died due to cancer at the age of 67 

Her son (Abe) died due to assination at the age of 67 

Abe didn't have a child 

Can't imagine how she is feeling now and what she is thinking about all these sadness and tears she has to experience