Not Sharing the Exact Same


Most probably I'm just too immature & absurd

But anyway......

Earlier today

Walking on the street

"Hey, you look very nice today! I like XYZ in your fashion!"

Saw a guy talking to a girl on the street

His talk continued......

Sometimes I do the same
because I find her fashion nice

Sometimes I do the same
because I want to talk to this girl 

And sometimes I see other guys doing the same, like today

But always wonder
whether or not a woman is really happy to get a compliment from a guy who doesn't really dress well

Always wonder
if he really has a perception/sense to find other's fashion good, then why he doesn't direct the same sensitivity towards himself & gets himself dress well before giving a compliment to others 

Receiving a compliment makes us happy anyway

The nature of the happiness is the same
But the level of happiness can be different depends on who gives the compliment

If he dresses well, I suppose, the level of happiness a woman could feel would be higher 

Sometimes a woman gives me a compliment
At least for me, it feels better if the woman also dresses well

Because I don't have to think that above "unnecessary" question, as in;

"......thank you very much, but......why don't you pay the same attention to your own look......?"

A beautiful woman, walking with her boyfriend

I find her attractive 

But I would feel slight disappointment with her, if the guy next to her does not seems attractive to my eyes, in my selfish, narrow-minded, narcissistic standard

Although I'm very conscious that what a man & a woman find attractive differs, probably my brain would still think;

"Her sense of beauty must be different from mine"

"It's obvious, because she chose this guy who I don't find attractive"

"This would mean she would not understand my sense of beauty"

"not only about one's appearance but also about other aspects of life"

"She does not........more precisely 'CAN NOT'......comprehend my 'effort' I invest into my life"

Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth spending some of my precious time with someone who does not share the same sense of beauty as mine 

Sometimes I'm about to conclude that it's time-wasting to spend my resources with those who are blind with my sense of beauty 

.........But I've been aware this is a very dangerous notion

I've been conscious that this notion easily leads me to a complete isolation 

It is a pure impossibility of sharing the exact same sense of beauty.......or sense of value or sense of anything.......with other human beings

There is always a difference between me & others

And thus, hoping others to have the exact same things as mine.....

this could just mean total disrespect to other's individuality
this could just means complete denial of other's attractiveness
& this could just mean a proof of my immaturity & absurdity