Spiritual Vacuum & Young Polish People

30/August/2023 in Warsaw

Sometimes wondering
what young Polish men & women think about their future

Most of young Japanese do not have any positive views over their coming life

They do not have any positive prospects over the coming future of their country

They think the height of their county, a peak of their country, already passed in 80s

And their county will be sinking, just like for the past 30 years

They think it's unfair
They think it's unfair that they will never be as affluent/rich as their previous generations

This phenomenon or mentality could be seen not only in Japan but also in other "traditional developed countries", such as US, UK, Germany etc.

Vegan restaurants or
mindfulness or
Zen or
minimalism or........

these kind of "fashionable" concepts all started from "traditional developed countries"

It never ever began in "developing countries"

These concepts are, in my opinion, a direct reaction of the youth towards their "failing" environments

Thanks to their affluent previous generations,
their materialistic needs were all met from the very beginning, from the day 1, of their life

But humans can't live only with materialistic fulfillment

The more materialistic aspects were fulfilled, the more an opposite side, "spiritual emptiness" let's say, felt visible and acute

After the economic prosperity, what is waiting for us is always
unbearable boredom & spiritual vacuum

Veganism or
minimalism or
cult religions or
animal rights or........

all these polite, considerate, kind, humanly notions are one of their coping mechanisms in the era of absolute boredom & complete nihilism

Walking in cities in Poland

Lots of vegan restaurants
Lots of cafes with minimalistic designs

Seemingly, exactly the same landscapes appear here, like in Tokyo or London or Paris

The same landscapes existed even in Kyiv when I visited in 2018 & 2020

But fundamentally, the history is different

Poland has been enjoying the most affluent time in their history now & predictably it will continue for the next few years at minimum

On paper, and even in reality,
they will be much richer than any of their previous generations, which is totally an opposite situation among the Japanese youngsters

When I lived in Warsaw a couple of years ago, it seemed to me that Polish people still optimistically believed these notions, "economical prosperity" or "growth" or "social advancement" or....are all good things

And they hadn't yet been aware of boredom & vacuum that would inevitably happen later

A few years have passed since then

Many things happened to Poland & its neighbors

Their views must've changed in some way

.......Sometimes wondering
what kind of ideas & prospects young men & women in this country have about the future of their life, of their country