Objectivity & Subjectivity(part 3)

3/April/2023 in Tokyo

Japanese people look like a robot

When seeing nice, polite, rule-oriented, disciplined Japanese human beings in this country, I always feel something important is completely lacking in them

.......what is lacking is "rawness"

They think about politeness or accuracy or objectivity.......these garbage, these rubbish, these miserable concepts, these dried, dead, barren notions
24/7, for the entire life

In other words, they are extremely lazy
They don't think by themselves but completely totally miserably dependent on external mathematical measures

In other words, they are extremely coward
They morbidly give an attention to others & morbidly concerned with what others think

In other words, they are extremely arrogant
They spontaneously give up what life offers, this vivid, this dynamic, this individual thing

called subjectivity
called emotions
called rawness

Just like our body's most hidden, personal, unorganised, wet, unique, dirty, unclean, messy, raw part gets the most attention

Rawness is individuality
Rawness is passion
Rawness is attraction

Human beings in this country are completely lacking in this quality
called attraction