Objectivity & Subjectivity(part 2)


Here I said

"I read Japanese grammar books & feel like I should look back my writings & correct them"

Why do I feel such an impulse?

Because it's much more easy & safe to believe in objectivity than subjectivity

Because it's much more difficult & risky to firmly believe in myself and completely disregard others

Objectivity, in other words, accuracy, correctness, rationality, logic are all external things

As long as we are aligned with them, we are accepted, at least we are not disliked

For this reason, objectivity has to be apparent, bright, lucid, open, nice, friendly, polite, visible and everyone can see & understand easily

Yet, something very important to oneself
something lively
something vivid
something alive

......in other words, one's own truth......

always exists outside this dried dead barren area of objectivity