Objectivity & Subjectivity(part 1)


Sometimes take a look at books about Japanese grammar

Always find things, often basic things, that I don't know

And always feel like I should check my writings in the past & correct them

Yet always remember Japanese sentences I want to write are not the ones that are grammatically correct
but the ones I feel right

The same goes to what I write about

What I want to write about is not objectively correct matters
but subjectively right matters

I need only a subjective exclusive truth, not an objective inclusive truth

I'd like to be understood by others

I'd like to share my thoughts with as many people as possible

And I know logic, rationality & objectivity help for this

But at the end, what makes sense to me doesn't need to make sense to others

At the end, my subjective truth is more important than an objective truth

At the end, my own truth only matters, not someone else's truth