Queen's death and Me


Yesterday was a bit strange day

My 2nd book was based on my experiences in London where I lived for 2 years

I needed to finish it by 8/Sep, because this day 10 years ago, 8/Sep/2012, was the day I left Japan for the UK and my London life began

It was the first time I left Japan, and so this was such a big decision and many things about my life changed from that day

Yesterday was my personal anniversary day and I wanted to get my book completed

Fortunately I did, then in the evening I saw a news that the Queen had passed away

For a moment I felt a "physical" pain in my chest, as if a sharp arrow was passing through my body

This was such a strange experience

Because the depth of this pain was the same as the one I felt when Japanese ex-prime minister Abe passed away 2 months ago

I saw Abe's face for a long time everywhere, and I knew his life, his personality, his struggles and his dreams

But about the Queen, I knew almost nothing I didn't know her life, her personality, her achievements, and her life dramas

Having living in the UK for 2 years, I didn't have much interest in the British royal family

But still, a moment of strong shock came

Difference was that this pain didn't last long

This pain faded away quickly

Then, watching a live streaming from Buckingham Palace in London where I passed many times back in the day

Under the heavy rain, many people gathered to pay condolence and respect

To my eyes, it didn't look like they are others

It didn't like their sadness and their loss is irreverent to me, but mine

Or I should say, it will be mine in the near future

In the near future, the same thing will happen to the previous Emperor of Japan who is now 88 years old

The same scene will appear in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Thinking about this future, British people's sadness and sorrow now feels very vivid and real