Sadness & Anger

28/February/2024 in Tokyo

In a bar

I was meeting a girl

"When do you cry?"

I asked. Out of blue

She answered,
somewhat enthusiastically

"You know, I've wanted to change my course at uni......"

"......The other day, I was thinking about it"

"But I quickly realised, it cost a lot, and it's just impossible"

"That moment, I was so angry and I was almost crying, hahaha"

............While listening to her,

I was thinking,
if I were her, I would feel sadness rather than anger

I was thinking,
I must tend to feel this feeling, called sadness, more than anger

And I was thinking,
how alike sadness & anger are

This very introvert emotion
& This very extrovert emotion

............Looking back,

probably there were many occasions where
I should have shown my emotions
to the outside world,
to the other person

rather than being silent and sinking into myself