Abe: Losing a part of my life

21/August/2023 in Krakow

In the first 1 week in Krakow

For that 7 days, I already came across 2 people who mentioning Abe, as in;

"......your prime minister. Killed last year......What was his name......? Abe! Was he Abe, right?"

".......Abe......Previous prime minister. What happened to him? It was such an unusual event in Japan"

As some of you know, I wrote about him many times so far and now I won't repeat it again

I thought I "got over"
I though I recovered enough from the loss of him

But once the name of Abe was heard,
sharp vivid pain was momentarily passing by

And I had to realise once again,
he was......his existence.......was surely

a part of my youth
a part of my precious period
a part of my memory
a part of my life

And strangely, I felt water coming up in my eyes

I was a bit drunk that night