Beautiful Hands

20/August/2023 in Kraków

The other night,
I was chatting with a woman in a bar

At some point I noticed,
she has beautiful hands

Sensitive thin fingers

Well-shaped. Long.

Even when fingers were bending, no wrinkle appeared on the surface of her hands

Her hands still looked youthful, despite her age & her difficult life experiences (she had to escape from her country 18 months ago)

I wanted to touch it, just like I want to touch a beautiful flower in a park

If touching was too much, then at least I wanted to tell her how beautiful her hands were

But some "boring" concern stopped my mouth

If I give her a favourable comment on a very specific part of her body, it might also give a wrong impression to her

In any cases I wasn't attracted to her in a sexual or any other ways

I was just attracted to her beautiful hands
And all attraction came from there & ended there

Attraction was only about her hands, not any other aspects of her body & her character

.......Gradually our talk became dried
& I felt it's time to end

A few minutes later I left her

Now I no longer remember her name, her scent, her eye colour

But still, a beauty of her hands clearly remains in my memory