moment by moment

11/December/2023 in Tokyo

*Japanese ver

We're often hesitant to express our opinions to the public

Because "My opinion might change soon"

We think we should not change, once we express it in front of others

Certainly I used to think like this

But, as time went by, I gradually came to see......

.......In this world, even inside myself, there are far more "changeable things" than "un-changeable things"

.......And "changeable" & "transience" is actually the default state in this world

Everything changes
Everything rises & falls
Everything is transient
& Everything is ephemeral

And obviously, the most ephemeral thing in this world is;

Our emotions

And now, I feel;

"An emotion I'm feeling now......."

"If this emotion will change tomorrow......."

"If this emotion is something I can feel only now, only once in my life time......."

"Then, I'd like to taste it as much as I can"

"Then, I'd like to express it before it vanishes"

"Then, I'd like to express it to a person I should express to before it's too late"

"Truth"........."My own truth".........must exist in this moment this ever-changing, very unstable, very uncertain, very unclear stream of the emotions

Endlessly flows
Never stays the same
And keeps changing, moment by moment

Constantly comes to me
Ruthlessly passes me
And never comes back to me

"Never stays the same"

......."Truth" is like this

So as "my emotion"

Emotion belongs to this moment
Truth belongs to this moment
I belong to this moment