Too many hopes on youth's shoulder

9/January/2023 in Tokyo

Seeing young people wearing Kimono in the city

Today is a national holiday in Japan

A day of celebrating people who have turned 20 y.o. & welcome them into adulthood

Around 20 y.o.
or late teens to early 20s

My take on this is that youth is never as hopeful, as bright, as dazzling as the society thinks, or young people themselves think

There're too much pressure & expectations on their shoulder, not just from outside but also from inside/ from young people themselves

Surely being young means having more options and choices in life

But having too many options easily makes us indecisive, and thus anxious, disappointing, hopeless

Young people are always taught "how to increase options", like this

"Go to a good university, get a good grade, get a good job etc"..

But never taught "how to choose the one"

And probably "choose" is more difficult than "increase"

One ― and perhaps only one ― good thing about getting older is, age automatically removes some or many options from our life

It's ruthless yet blessing

......or, it's blessing yet ruthless