Avoid external things but juicy part

8/January/2023 in Tokyo

A couple of days ago I wrote a chapter, "Czech girl", for my next book

This was what I wanted to write for a long time, and I had been waiting for the right time & place to write it down

A difficulty I always face while writing is "How to avoid 'external things'"

And I'm sure many face it too

"External things"..., such as place, date, time, number, name etc... namely, something specific

I personally think focusing on "external things" is more of men's tendency

An excessive interest in accuracy

Men tend to focus on "when it happened", "where it happened", "who was there", "this happened first, then that happened" etc..., all these logical, rational, mathematical, therefore, dried, boring, barren information

I myself am more aware of this tendency of me especially while talking with a woman, and often try to stop myself not to ask

These information is very important to establish the whole story we want to share, but it is not the most juicy part

And focusing on it kills this most juicy, most sexy part of the story