Bombarded by Garbage

22/January/2023 in Tokyo

These days, all Japanese TV, newspapers, online news say very strong cold wave will come to Japan next week and it would bring snow & be very careful, blah blah blah

This is one of drawbacks of living in a home country where one can easily understand what's going on without cultural/language barriers

Exposed to completely unnecessary matters everyday

Bombarded by garbage 24/7

and inevitably get affected on subconscious & conscious level

They say, due to this cold wave, Tokyo's temperature would be minus 4

Surely, it's surprisingly cold for Tokyo people

But when I lived in Warsaw, minus temperature was nothing surprising

Even in Tbilisi where I stayed 2 months ago, there were days that were below 0 degree

But still, I feel like this cold wave is some big thing and feel like I'll have to change some plans for next week

News is a necessary entertainment for modern human life in order to avoid boredom

Paying attention to / feeling angry at / giving sympathy to
events that have zero connection with one's life

Doing nothing & feeling nothing is unbearable for human beings

Always looking for things that bring waves to our mind & consume our emotions,

even if the leftovers are empty bottles of Coca Cola, dirty supermarket plastic bags, decayed muddy woods, broken foreign toys, smelly grotesque seaweeds......

even if we do know these garbage are left in the end, we still can't stop hoping for new waves that bring dramas to our life