Photography I did a few years ago


Since I came to Krakow,
I've met a few people who are into photography

Strangely enough, until 2 days ago,
I completely forgot that I also did photography a few years ago

Also I completely forgot that I had even a website for my photos

The reason why I had been forgetting was
probably very simple

The way I did photography was somewhat wrong, somewhat not serious at all

A few years ago I bought a camera, and then started taking photos

But the way I did was,

"Taking a bunch of photos & later choose the best one"

just like we do in our smartphone

I felt that
this way didn't require any sense of concentration on my side

I felt that
this way was complete dependant on luck

I felt that
photography was all about luck, not one's personal skill or ability

And I had zero motivation to be better at photography

Later I got to know there are photographers who take only one photo at a moment

It means they focus on the moment and

Try to get the best part from it,
Try to capture beauty that exists in that moment,
Try to extract only what they want from reality

Then I felt photography isn't my way for this

I felt writing is the way

To recognise & interpret what is going on around me,
To capture the things I am attracted to,
To extract beauty from reality & to compose another beauty

(.........Also, I didn't (still haven't) come across any photo that impressed me or touched me deeply. Probably this is another reason why I couldn't keep an interest)