Eating Reveals


Usually I avoid eating a dish with others, especially with a woman

When going out, I always go for a drink, or coffee

No eating activity is involved

Prime reason is,
I just can't do multi-task, eating & talking at the same time

But after going out a few times, I feel some peculiar interest, as in

"I'd like to see how she eats"

It's a part of my process of "Getting to know her more"

But why does eating show something about this person?

Probably the reason is.......

As well as "sleep" & "sex",
"eating" is one of the most fundamental, strongest, desires for humans

Eating is directly connected to our animalistic desire

And so, eating activity can reveal something very animalistic in us

That's why, to hide it, we developed meticulous careful eating/dining etiquette throughout our history

But still, through these eating she uses knife & fork, how she bites, how her body moves, how fast/slow she finishes the dish......, something about her is revealed

Something fundamental.......almost secrets that she herself is not aware surely revealed