Nationality & Individuality(part 1)

9/April/2023 in Tokyo


Probably I love this country

Probably I love this country much more than I am conscious of

Nationality & individuality is what I've been bothered the most for the past 10 years

or, what I've been intrigued the most for the past 10 years

There is a strong tension between nationality & individuality

Tension is fate
Fate is drama

something we can't consciously choose
something we can't fully control
yet, something we can't entirely escape

Nationality & individuality aren't two independent concept

They are deeply interconnected and always interfered

This becomes apparently apparent when we meet someone from another country

No matter how much we resist, we hate & we deny, we are inevitably categorised, boiled down to a nationality & treated accordingly by this foreign person in front of us

This becomes even further apparently apparent when our country did/does "un-favourable" things

It affects this foreign person's view towards us

This is a very strange thing

I, as an individual, did nothing, but it looks like I did something wrong

In fact I did nothing
But something I've been part of & will be part of eternally did the wrong thing

This is a very strange thing
This is completely opposing to what we are told

In the 21st century we're always told we are unique individuals who are free from anything & everything

We can only understand "an individual responsibility"
"A collective responsibility" is beyond our understanding
or, simply we don't want to accept 

The same also goes even when our country did/does favourable things

It's not my personal, my independent, my individual accomplishment

I, as an individual, did nothing, but in front of a foreign person, it feels like I did something good

This is rather a risky environment that easily spoils us

But yet, we can't 100% deny our country
Rather we don't want to deny
If possible, we want to love

Deep down we do know our nationality, and everything related, is a part of our identity
A significant part of our individuality 

Just like one's family, just like one's body, our nationality is our fate

We can't fully accept, yet we can't fully escape
Rather we actually deeply love