Men's fear of being judged as gay(Homosexuality part 2)

3/June/2023 in Tokyo

*Japanese ver

Something I noticed in Europe was straight men are somehow quite afraid of being considered as gay

Apparently the same fear exists among straight men in Japan

But, the same type of fear exists
it doesn't mean the level of a fear is the same

Seems to me it's much higher among male Europeans

Sometime it seems, extraordinarily

The reason behind would be religious values, or various cultural/historical notions, or etc etc etc blah blah blah, and so I don't find any unusual-ness here that the level of a fear differs

And obviously this is not about which is better or which is more backward/advanced

But something I occasionally find unbearably boring in Europe is men's fashion

"Muscle is men's clothes"
"Being a mam means having muscle"
"Paying attention to one's look is not manly"

.......all these notions produce another notion;

"A man who is fashionable is gay"

And fundamentally, a man who is more fashionable than his woman is not appreciated

As a result, boring look men are overflowed in the city

Here, we realise "the level of a fear of being label as gay" shares the same root as "the level of an obsession of being a man"

The same obsessive notions exist in Japan, as in

"Being fashionable is not manly" or "men should be like this and that"

But still, the same thing exists, it doesn't mean the level of an emotion attached is the same

It differs quite a lot

A beauty standard is different, simply put

Often Japan is seen as a conservative traditional society

But some ideas about men, especially men's physicality & appearance, are often very liberal

Seems an idea of "manly" is related to only their inside/mentality, and no strong pressure to express it through their body

Either way, as a result, every day I can enjoy seeing good-looking cute Japanese boys on the street in Tokyo