Japanese Apology


Saw a Saturday's speech by Kishida, Japan's prime minister, just after a pipe bomb was thrown to him

"There was a loud blast sound at the previous speech venue. Police are investigating details.

I'd like to apologize for worrying many people and causing them trouble,

but an election that's important to our country is taking place, and we must work together and follow through on it."

On the one hand, I was kinda impressed by his brevity & courage

On the other hand, his apology showed usual absurdity in this country

I was impressed
because, despite his life being threatened just 1 hour ago, he still appeared in front of the public

And probably due to this dangerous experience, Kishida's speech this time looked the most real & passionate

Usually his speech is very dried & dead, literally "reading a paper"

He doesn't have "his own words",

which is apparently most important for someone who convinces & leads others

His apology showed usual absurdity in this country
Because it doesn't make sense

Doesn't make sense why a person, who had been attacked & could've been killed, had to express an apology here

But this is the custom and what Japanese people expect

No matter what happens, "apology" has to come first

No matter what it is, bothering others.......even causing others feel "something".......concern or worry......is the biggest sin & one has to apologise

No wonder why this country is filled with weird lukewarm air of kindness & softness

No wonder why people in this country are so morbidly avoidant each other

No wonder why people in this country always look timid & coward