Krakow: Alternative History


No matter how horrible the weather is during the daytime,
somewhat always beautiful sky appears around 7pm in this city

Around 10 days has passed since coming to this Japan's old capital, Kyoto-like city, Krakow

Actually this is my first time to spend "such a long time" in the non-capital city

Looking back, since 5-7 years old, I had never stayed in the outside capital cities for more than around a week

Then, it seems only natural that I feel more familiarity with city's concrete jungles

A couple of days ago, I just remembered that
in 2018 when I moved to Poland from Japan, I was originally thinking to live in Krakow, not Warsaw

However, at the last minute, I felt like;

"Well, can I really live in a city which is not a capital?

Won't I miss skyscrapers, concrete buildings, car noise, crowded streets, cold-hearted city people who are selfish, self-centered, conceited.....all these good inhuman things, like Tokyo?

Probably Krakow would be too small & too humanly for me"

Then, I cancelled a train ticket & an accommodation in Krakow, and heading to Warsaw

Now, staying in Krakow

It feels like I'm experiencing an alternative history that could have happened, if I had decided to come & live here 5 years ago, in 2018