A letter that won't be delivered

10/February/2023 in Kyoto

Writing a letter, knowing this letter won't be delivered

This letter is for someone abroad, who used to live in Kyoto

But currently delivery system between Japan and this receiver's country stops

Letters won't be delivered until it re-starts

Nevertheless, still wrote

Felt interesting that writing a letter which won't be delivered in the near future, or perhaps will never be delivered forever

Felt interesting that writing a letter to someone who perhaps will never read my words

Probably my priority was not what the receiver will feel/think about my letter

Probably my priority was, I tried to express my emotions on this paper & tried to convey it to a receiver

This try itself

Whether my try is succeeded or failed
Whether this letter is delivered or not
Whether this letter is liked or not

It's all secondary

There was a desire that I wanted to write something to this person

And I followed this desire of mine & acted on it

This was primary