Silence in the conversation


I met this woman a couple of month ago

Walking around together for a while

After the meeting, I was wondering;

What was this spring breeze-like touch?
What was this mint-like ease?
What was this river surface-like calmness?

There was distinctive comfort in the meeting with her

Soon later, figured out
It was silence in the conversation

Silence in the conversation is something we should avoid. At least we're always told like this

Awkward, Uncomfortable, Unease
especially with a stranger  

I was thinking the same several years ago, but now I prefer to have silence in the conversation, especially with a stranger

Even if I have something to say, I hold it and produce silence and see how he/she deals with it

Try to bring a new subject?
Try to fill this silence with words?
Behave uncomfortably?
Remain non-reactive?
Look like unaware of this silence?
Look nonchalant?

Any reactions are equally interesting
Any reactions reveal an important aspect of his/her character

I will probably never meet her again
But I will miss that silence for sure