*Japanese ver

The other night
I was meeting a girl

In a cafe

On the sofa

As always
I was sitting next to her

In front of us
Two cups of coffee

Hot black liquid in the white cup

Nonchalant, careless chit-chat appeared & disappeared between us

...........At some point,

Something caught my eyes

Something on her cup

Red mark

Fresh, Vivid, Glossy scarlet on the cup,
caused by her red lipstick

She was next to me. Still talking

But all my attention was stolen by this red painting on the white cup

Felt like
Time stopped

Felt like
This young girl vanished

Felt like
Everything was retreated behind me
& slipped into the void

Only me & this red lipstick mark were left in the world

Rich, Dense, Sensual red

Shape of her lips

Still wet
Vulgarly, still wet

Most hidden, Most raw, Most red
her sensuality was exposed
& overflowed from the cup,

even without her knowing

Only, I, witnessed