Traveling with a book

11/April/2023 in Tokyo

Traveling with a book always looks somewhat a romantic act

Or, just an over-used image in films/novels

Either way, I always take a book with me for a trip

And always takes stupidly a long time to choose one before departure

But always find hard to read it while traveling

Only books I could manage to read are the ones I already read many times before

While traveling, a lot of external, fresh, lively stimulations overflowing around us

and there, it feels almost ridiculous to open the book which is filled with introverted dead dried things

While traveling, we step outside of our banal boring rusty normality, and we can vividly feel, "I am the main character in my life story"

and there, it feels almost unbearable to read, or even pay a tiny attention to, someone else's irrelevant conceited exaggerated story