I can't live abroad forever

11/November/2023 in Belgrade

Several years ago, I wished........I enthusiastically wished........living abroad forever

Now, I no longer think it is possible for me to live abroad for the rest of my life

The longer I was abroad,
the more I found it hard

The longer I lived in a foreign country,
the more I felt differences between me and "them"

The more I saw these differences,
the more I felt unbearable

At the beginning, when I started to live abroad,
these "differences" were fun

"Differences" means it's new, it's fresh & it's exciting

Even for the next few years, these "differences" were interesting

But at some point, without realising it, I reached the point where I had to decide my attitude

I had to decide which I felt more;

"Comfort" or "Discomfort" with these differences

And without realising it, I chose "I feel more discomfort"

And exactly at this moment, I gave up "Living abroad for the rest of my life", without realising it