Japanese Woman in Summer

3/July/2023 in Tokyo

As the summer is coming, Japanese women look more attractive in my eyes, somehow

"somehow"......because I don't really know exactly why
But possible reasons are;

1 ― Fewer people wear a mask. More women show their faces

2 ― As it gets hotter, more women show their skin

3 ― As humidity & temperature increase, graceful scents....from perfumes, from hair, from flesh.....become more noticeable


4 ― I can see more clearly their attentiveness & sophisticated sense of fashion

In the summer, a woman wears fewer clothes, yet still presents herself nice

Summer is when more attention is needed regarding one's fashion

Summer is when a higher degree of coordination skills are required than other seasons

Attentiveness towards clothing
is something I can't appreciate enough to Japanese women

I saw many women abroad with a good sense of fashion & I was surely impressed

But in a very subconscious level, there was something unfilled in me

It's almost like "mother's dish"
We can get the same cuisine in a restaurant and it's surely tasty. Very tasty
But it doesn't precisely satisfy our soul in the exact way we expect & we desire

I'm unsure if Japanese women are "objectively "more fashionable than women in other countries

But what I'm sure is
there are some subtle things in their fashion that match my very subtle & subconscious expectations in the most precise way