Appreciating Male Beauty

29/June/2023 in Tokyo

As much as I appreciate female beauty, I appreciate male beauty too

Beautiful women & men
Both is aesthetically pleasing

In front of beauty, one can easily be aware how trivial & how silly to think;

"I'm straight. I should be impressed only by female beauty"

"Paying attention to other men, particularly to their appearance, is gay"

I don't consider myself homosexual or bisexual
I've not had any sexual interest in men, believe it or not

But probably that's why I can see men's too conventional, too conservative & too boring way of thinking, and as a result they miss this everyday's small fun of seeing cute pretty handsome Japanese boys on the street in Tokyo

Then, are appreciating female beauty & appreciating male beauty the same thing?

It feels to me, different

Appreciating female beauty........, this emotion inevitably contains a sexual interest, since I'm straight

Sexual other words, "I want to have sex with her.........if I have a chance"

On the other hand, regarding appreciating male beauty, no sexual interest involved, since I'm straight

Appreciating male beauty seems far more pure & noble

There's no hidden, naughty, vulgar, "inappropriate" sentiment

There's only one single simple emotion of enjoying his beauty as it is