Real opinions about Japan

11/November/2023 in Belgrade

Currently my friend in Warsaw is visiting Japan

He sends me several messages about what he sees/thinks in Tokyo

His texts contain almost no "new information" but plenty of "freshness &real-ness"

His messages say;

"Streets are so clean"
"People are so polite"
"Food is amazing" etc.....

.......These stereotypical, over-used, hence, un-impressive words about Japan

Too typical from foreign tourists

I've seen & heard of these comments too often here and there, and now it's all laughable for me

But I had to notice
this is actually my first time to hear opinions about my country & my city from a person who I know well in real

I know him for a few years and I know how he sees things, how straightforward he is, and how he composes his opinions

So that, all comments about Japan sound believable-able for the first time in my life

There are some vivid "real-ness" that I've never felt from opinions from the anonymous people online

4 days have passed since his arrival & only 3 days left

He will surely leave Japan much before his "honeymoon" period ends 

And all he sees & thinks are somewhat an idealised, delusional version of Japan

But for tourists, it's more than enough. Rather it's desirable

Tourists don't have to see everything. Only dazzling sides of the country are enough

And now, I want to go back to Tokyo,
knowing, after only 3 days, I will start to despise its people, called Japanese people