We want to deny 'We are animals'


"We are surely animal, but we don't want to think we are"

is the statement we, humans, are obliged to show to the world & to ourselves 24/7

To show this statement,
we made "taboos" & "rules" to hide our animalistic aspects

such as excretion, sex, birth, death and eating

All of these activities, which are inevitable in our life, has to happen in a private space

Even for eating, we made many complicating rules, called "etiquette", to hide our animalistic nature

Seeing someone eating a spaghetti with a hand
Then, we think it's vulgar

Seeing a couple having sex on the street
Then, we think it's vulgar

Seeing a person un-following taboos & rules human made,
Then, we think he/she is "animal"

And we think "I'm not like him/her"

Because we are constantly taught to deny our animalistic sides

And that's why
sex is exciting

We're allowed to break the taboos & rules that we have to pretend to follow and let us being in touch with animalistic aspects in us

It is the taboo that produces pleasure
It is the taboo that produces eroticism

What makes sex exciting is
not just mere physical stimulations
but more of our imaginations & abstract, delusional notions
called "connection" or "bond" or "chemistry", or "love"

What makes our life exciting is
not just what we experience
but more of our imaginations, illusions, delusions, dreams
& how we interpret all of them