Attraction Deepening


*Japanese ver

Recently I had kind of an interesting experience

"Now, I'm drawn to her more"

I could be aware of the moment
I could clearly recognise the moment
I could perfectly capture the moment that my attraction towards her deepened 

This happened with 2 different women in 2 different occasions

I usually have a quite good connection with a person who does creative/artistic activity of any kind, including "as a hobby"

And there were many occasions where these creative/artistic people shared their work, but usually I just felt "Oh, that's nice"

This time was different

While experiencing her works, I vividly felt the level of my attraction towards her deepened

Probably the biggest & almost only reason was
her works had some specific, yet intangible, elements that I was very fond of

Something that fitted an emotional/spiritual state of my mind

And it subconsciously led me to a subconscious assumption;

"She has an ability to make this beautiful, attractive works. It means she herself must be as beautiful, as attractive as her creations are"

Before touching her works, I wasn't particularly interested in her

Neither in her personality or in her look

But that moment I experienced her works, I could be sharply aware that my mind.....perhaps my flesh as well......was momentarily stolen by her works,
that is, by her

And my heart skipped a beat for a moment