Churches remind me of my origin


Churches in Europe

Every time visiting a church in a foreign country,
I feel I am nothing but Japanese

I'm supposed to belong to Buddhism & Shintoism (Japan's native religion)

Just because I'm Japanese

I don't consider myself religious and in any sense I don't practice anything religious

But when visiting temples (Buddhism buildings) or shrines (Shinto buildings) in Japan, quietly yet vividly I feel a strong wave in me

It is probably "an emotional conviction"

that people in ancestors......visited this place for a number of centuries
that some elements of mine surely belong to here
that a significant part of myself comes from the same root that produced this temple/shrine

In other words, I feel a connection with my origin in a temple/shrine in Japan

And it is this sense of connection that is completely missing when I visit churches

Instead, there is full of excessive colours, decorative beauties, realistic objects, stone-made chilliness, distant touch, unfamiliarities.....
that is, rejections & disconnections

Being forced to remain an observer, instead of a participant