7/March/2024 in Tokyo

I've been considering myself

as a person who is not sure about what "love" is

For me
"love" exists only between a child & parents

But then

I wrote the other day "my ephemeral, my ETERNAL"

Just re-read it now

And thought
perhaps what I wrote was actually so-called "love"

Looks like
what I wrote was that "love", which people are talking about all the time

Possibly I just don't use this term "love"
to call this emotion

Probably I call it "ephemeral"

Probably I call it "ETERNAL"

"my ephemeral, my ETERNAL"

Every time a relationship comes to an end,

it always feels,
how ephemeral human relationships are

But I always believe,
or, I always want to believe

Relationships are eternal

At least,
my emotions for this relationship
& for this person are eternal

It remains in me,
no matter what will happen

Once emotions are produced
once this dazzling emotion is produced
inside our body
our heart
our soul

we can't undo it anymore

my new ephemeral
my new ETERNAL