Japanese people are morbid


When I think about Japanese people these days, always this word comes to my mind


Morbid mental weakness
Morbid unconfidence
Morbid avoidance
Morbid self-consciousness
Morbid communication phobia
Morbid attentiveness
Morbid carefulness
Morbid nervousness
Morbid politeness
Morbid dependence
Morbid passiveness

Since I came back from my first foreign stay almost a decade ago......in other words, since I saw Japanese people from the outside for the first time......, I've always thought Japanese people looked very awkward & very odd

But I didn't use this term, "morbid"

Now this word comes to me quite often, probably because I found they are actually much more awkward than I had thought

It became more apparent through their behaviours and attitude around covid & a mask in particular

It's really hard to understand why many are still putting a mask

.....well, actually I know why

Because they are morbidly concerned with others
Because they can't do anything different from others
Because they have zero sense of individuality

This complete lack of "self", but only an excessive attention to others
This complete lack of "self", but only an excessive attention to others
This complete lack of "self", but only an excessive attention to others

is nothing but morbid

The Japanese has no shame with being dependent on others

The Japanese has no shame with being so lazy

The Japanese has no shame with expecting everything from others

Thus they can't stop paying attention to others

Thus they always look nervous
Always unconfident
Always timid

"Consideration", "kindness", "politeness"

I hear these "compliments" from non-Japanese persons about Japanese people

Well, actually, once open the YouTube, all foreign tourists & residents talking about this

And brainless Japanese audiences become extremely happy to hear these "approvals" from outsiders

But it is exactly this consideration, kindness & politeness that makes the Japanese look morbid in my eyes

Through their kindness & politeness, I see only their meek weak mentality

To be considerate, to be kind, to be polite......all is important qualities & it's universally respected
because, for this, we have to put others first

But the Japanese puts others first
to escape,
to avoid,
& to protect their tiny fragile ego

The Japanese looks considerate
because they pay an excessive attention to others all the time

The Japanese looks kind
because they pay an excessive attention to others all the time

The Japanese looks polite
because they pay an excessive attention to others all the time

The Japanese are empty
Nothing inside
Only an excessive amount of "what others do & what others think about me?"

An entire population in this country is like 13 years old teenager

They expect too much from others, like a kid
They expect others to understand them, like a kid
They are always waiting for being understood, like a kid

Yet they never try to make others understand

And yet, if not being understood, they get angry
Very angry
Very secretly

The Japanese are spoiled

Empty but only self-consciousness

Self-consciousness in teenagers is charming & adorable, while self-consciousness in an entire population, from babies to old decayed riff-raff, looks disgustingly miserable, unbearably morbid

In order to live in Japan, you have to be a total idiot & fool

Anime illustrations everywhere
Pedophilic school girl characters everywhere
Unnecessary very basic warnings everywhere
Too many noisy announcements everywhere
Lot of dishes are getting sweeter
Everything is decorated with Kawaii & cute
Everything is covered by strange lukewarm "kindness"

To deal with these absurd garbages every day, you have to be a total idiot

The Japanese can eat only overly soft, overly childish, overly meek things

Otherwise, their small, sensitive, fragile stomach can't digest

To be accepted & loved by the Japanese, you have to act like a total fool

........Reading until here, one question must come up;

"So, why do you pay such 'an excessive attention' to the Japanese people?"

Good point

―"Why are the Japanese so timid?"
―"Why are the Japanese so passive?"
―"Why are the Japanese so nervous?"
―"Why are the Japanese so awkward?"
―"Wny are the Japanese so avoidant?"
―"Wny are the Japanese so afraid of others?"
―"Why do the Japanese have such a weak meek mentality?"

These are very personal questions for myself

I'm still not blind enough and think "I'm un-plugged, I'm enlightened & I'm not like them"

I wish I would be, but it's an obvious fact that these morbid characteristics of the Japanese don't come from mere personal independent experiences, but from much larger, far wider backgrounds, called culture & history

Otherwise, this large extent of an entire population looks this nerdy

Apparently I share exactly the same things with them

If they are this morbid, then it's very likely that I am as morbid as they are

And I have to figure out why they are so morbidly timid, passive, coward

& why my people in my county are so morbidly empty

This is exactly a question for myself