Only reason that allows me to stay abroad


I'm currently in a foreign country

This is not my first time to be abroad, apparently

In the past, I was abroad
And in the coming future, I'll be also abroad

There are several factors/conditions that allow me to be in a foreign country

Such as
my work, my finance, my family situation, my physical/mental health.........all these "practical", "realistic" conditions

But probably the biggest condition is;


To be more precise,

"Whenever I want, I can go back to my home country"

"Whenever I want, I can go back to my home country"

Without this conviction, I'm certain I can't leave Japan
Without this conviction, I'm certain I can't enjoy my life abroad like this
Without this conviction, I didn't go abroad in the first place decades ago

Because of this conviction,
I can be so nonchalant, so careless about many things in foreign lands

Because of this conviction,
everything becomes forgivable

Local customs, cultural differences, prejudices, discriminations etc...

No matter how much it's different from the ones in my home country,
I can think;

"Okay, this is their culture. It's different from mine, but that's fine. Because........"

......Because, if something is so unbearable for me,
then I can just leave & go back to my home country

.........where I can still feel that I'm a part of it
.........where I can clearly feel that I'm from here
.........where I am able to face my own limitations & possibilities

For a foreign person, there are only 2 options in front of him/her

"Being treated worse"

Or, "Being treated better"

There is no "an equal treatment",

especially if you're "apparently", "physically", "visually" too different