Dazai Osamu in Serbia

5/August/2022 in Belgrade

In Serbia I see this Dazai's book in most of bookshops

"No Longer Human/人間失格"

Looks like it's translated into Serbian recently

It's kinda interesting because Dazai was never recognised by the oversea readers

Traditionally Mishima, Tanizaki & Kawabata were the most well-known, well-established writers both in Japan and abroad throughout 50s to 00s

They were already famous oversea while they were still alive

On the other hand, Dazai was very much closed to Japanese readers and only some crazy maniac Otaku foreigners vaguely knew him

But somehow.......probably what Dazai wrote about in this book very much resonates with people in this modern days

Sense of isolation, sense of loneliness, sense of dissatisfaction, as well as an enormous amount of self-consciousness, excessive selfishness & undeniable wish for death

I was surely very uncomfortable while reading this novel, "No Longer Human" because this novel touches something we usually don't want to deal with inside ourselves