Summer Solstice

22/June/2023 in Tokyo

*Japanese ver

Yesterday was the summer solstice

Longest day of the year
Afterward, daytime gets shorter & shorter

Always some strange feeling occurs in the day of the summer solstice in Japan

Strange feeling.......or, a sense of mismatch & a sense of slight sorrow

Something I noticed in Eastern Europe & Balkan was
summer actually comes earlier there than Japan

May & June is already hot enough

In Japan, May is overall still somewhat spring-like

June is rainy season
Temperature isn't that high
Sometimes feels even chilly, like today in Tokyo

After this rainy season ends in the early-mid July, "real summer" arrives

which is unbearably hot, unbearably uncomfortable

that is incomparable with summer in Eastern Europe & Balkan

It's all due to higher temperature as well as much higher humidity

The reason the strange feeling occurs in me is because of this

As daytime gets longer & brightness increases towards the summer solstice
it feels we are on the upward
it feels we are approaching an exciting time
And indeed we are

But in Japan
much before "real summer" comes in July
much before "an exciting time" finally starts
a decline already begins

Before you get a hope, you're already disappointed
Before you reach the full bloom, you're already faded
Before you begin your life, you're already invaded by death

......but actually, wherever I am in, both summer & winter solstice always brings some sense of mismatch

Mismatch between the reality & my sense

In my head, I totally understand daytime gets shorter after the summer one & daytime gets longer after the winder one

It's scientifically proven & a valid fact

But in my sense, or in my instinct, or somewhere in my body where "logic" or "fact" or "reality"......all these mathematical notions......are completely ignored & despised, it feels all unnatural and wrong

"Today is the winter solstice & from today on, daytime gets longer & longer"

Who can instantly believe this in the midst of cold dark winter in the late-December?

"Today is the summer solstice & from today on, daytime gets shorter & shorter"

Who can naively believe this, when summer has not yet arrived?

"You are approaching death day by day"

Who can nonchalantly accept this, when you're full of life, your whole body overflowing with youth & brightness?