Travel Changes

19/March/2023 in Nara

My expectation from travel seems changing

4 stages

1 ― Beginning

Just visited popular, famous, typical sightseeing places. Just did usual tourist activities

2 ― Several years ago

Kind of enjoying writing a diary in a cafe

But at this stage, I went to a cafe mainly for taking a rest, not for writing

3 ― Couple of years ago

Seemed my prime interest shifted to "writing in a cafe" rather than "taking a rest", "taking plenty of time" rather than "seeing as many spots as possible"

Seemed my prime interest was what comes out of myself, while walking around/seeing things, & write it down

4 ― Recent

I want to stay in one place until I feel very bored

After visiting famous places & writing what I saw/thought.....above 3 stages were done....., often these questions come up;

"So what should I do next?"
"There are no places to go"
"Nothing to do here"

My recent prime interest is what comes out of this boredom, and this is what I want to write about

Instead of busy schedule like 1 ~ 3 days trip, I prefer staying in one place for at least 1 week or longer & see what boredom brings to me

In a sense, boredom shows me the unexpected

To kill boredom, usually I visit places/do things that I initially didn't know/had zero desire to do so

But it is there that I often come across far bigger excitement & intoxication