Woman Looks More Attractive at Night


Last week

Walking in the riverside in Warsaw with a woman

I was thinking something very mediocre,
very mundane,
very average

That was,

"Woman looks more attractive at night"

Seeing her face a couple of hours ago when it was still bright, I didn't find her face that attractive

But once the sun set
& surrounded by darkness,
my impression on her somewhat changed

Her face started to give off something that attracted my attention

"I was attracted"

It means there was beauty there

Wondering why beauty appears at night

due to darkness of the night,
I couldn't see her whole face, but only a part of it

I had to imagine an entire face from other parts of her face that I could sometimes see due to moonlight

I had to use my imagination to fill the gap

It means
"beauty" I found did not 100% originate from reality,
but much more from my imagination

It means
there was a lot of space
where I could imagine
where I could decorate reality with my romanticism
where I could project any kind of my dreams onto her face

...........Probably this was one of the reasons

But there was something more
Something much more in between her dark gold-ish hair & blackness of the night

This was something that any words can't capture
Something we can't explain to others
Something called attraction