Transience Beautifies Every Single Moment


For the past 7 days, writing about my life in Amsterdam in 2017

2017 was an emotionally disaster zone

from the very beginning to the end of the year

The below is 3 extracts from my diary on March - October 2017

March 2017

Recently I said this a couple of times

"Human relationship, interaction, is based on very subtle, fragile elements and often it's easy to lose its balance"

10 September 2017

Relationships are based on something very subtle and fragile. And, although it takes a very long time to construct/develop, it collapses immediately & abruptly

15 September 2017

.....I was forced to realise even more that how ephemeral relationships are

I always think all kinds of relationships are based on surprisingly fragile, subtle elements. And once such tiny subtle elements work in a wrong way, everything collapses immediately. It's almost impressive to see how quickly a relationship disappears.

Just one action, just one word, is enough to destroy the relationship

The more I meet people, the more I feel how ephemeral & fragile relationships are

"The more I meet people, the more I feel how ephemeral relationships are"

This thought brought me two opposite notions

1. It increases an appreciation for my long-term relationships I now have with friends and others. It's not ephemeral, not fragile, but solid and deep

2. It is ephemerality that shines this moment in front of us. It is transience that beautifies this moment in front of us

Often one of prime characteristics in Japanese culture is said like this

"Finding beauty in ephemeral things"

But I'm sure it is an universal sense of human beings

Beauty of flowers, beauty of youth, beauty of life....., it's all appreciated precisely because of their ephemeral nature

Flower fades away

Youth fades away

Life fades away

Without death, how can we appreciate this moment in front of us?

Without death, how can we try to live for this moment as much as we can?

Without death, how can we find beauty in this moment?