Memory of a girl in London


At a cafe in Warsaw

I ordered latte, but this must be cappuccino

Too much milk foam

While stirring milk foam with a spoon, I was remembering one girl who I sometimes met up in London several years ago

Our first meeting was in Costa in Piccadilly Circus in central London and cappuccino was what she ordered

After sitting in front of me, she stirred cappuccino & sugar with a spoon, and brought the milk foam into her mouth

She looked a little embarrassed and quietly said

"I know it's childish..., but somehow I can't stop this habit...."

She said she was 18 years old and just arrived in the UK, and knew nobody here

A long time has passed since then

Now I have no idea what she is doing or where she is living etc..

I still know her contact, but most probably I'll never contact her and will keep all memories with her intact in my mind