Overflowing Kawaii


This entire country, Japan, is filled with these Kawaii/cute stuff everywhere 

It makes me depressed & feels like my despise towards local citizens deepens

Because it looks like this is the undeniable proof of immaturity of the people here

......At the same time, if all these Kawaii, cute stuff were removed completely, were eradicated from the surface of the nation, this country must be extremely boring 

Kawaii is fundamentally "additional" element
A product doesn't have to be Kawaii, as long as it's functional

From this standpoint, Kawaii can be also a proof that people here are not all about "productive" or "efficient" or "growth" or "ROI/Return On Investment" or.......all these overly realistic, overly mathematical, overly rational, mundane, mediocre, despicable notions

Just funny to imagine a scene where middle-aged male Japanese serious company officers came up with an idea of covering the train with popular anime characters among kids

Do they do this to attract kids, and their parents, and get more passengers, and increases company profits?

This country is one of the fastest-paced aging countries

Less young & more old

If they really think about only a profit, there must be other business tactics