Free From the Era


Last night I was remembering friend’s sayings about Murakami and Mishima.

After "giving up" Mishima, she started Murakami’s book and said;

"It’s so easy to read Murakami!"

This is what I felt about Murakami’s writing style and, exactly because of this, I don’t have any appetite for another Murakami’s book.

There is always trends. Most probably, one of the prime reasons why Murakami has been so widely read is because his light-writing style fits preference & taste that people have in this modern day.

From this point of view, I reluctantly have to admit that Mishima’s writing style is old-fashioned. Even I myself sometimes think that, back then, Mishima’s works were highly evaluated probably because his writing style fitted a literary trend of the 20th Century.

As a Mishima’s avid reader, I’d like to believe that Mishima’s writing style is universal, regardless of the era.

But, in reality, it seems impossible to be completely free from a certain influence of the era.

Rather, the truth would be that if the author is disconnected with the era, he cannot create any works that touch reader’s heart.

Mishima must have noticed this relation between the era and the writer, as he talked about in "Spring Snow".

A relation with the era.

This is not just for writers. Even for us, no matter how we want to have an universal view & create an universal value, it would be impossible to ignore invisible, intangible, subconscious influence from the era.

We are always restrained and all our views are always somewhat biased, distorted & stained.