Makes us Attractive

24/November/2023 in Belgrade

September in Krakow

I was having a chat with this young Polish woman in a bar

She broke up with her ex-boyfriend several months ago

This ex-boyfriend still liked her

But she didn't have any desire to go back

At the same time,
it was obvious that, inside her, there was still a certain vivid, warm, raw emotions for him

It was not "love". Something different

She said;

"That relationship with him changed me for the better"

I no longer remember how he made positive changes on her life

I even don't remember if I asked her

But I still remember, at that moment
I found her attractive

Found her attractive as a human being

"Someone gave this positive thing to me. And I still have an appreciation for it"

This kind of view, way of thinking, always makes the one attractive in my eyes

Her story continued.........
And I was thinking about him

He writes a song & lyrics, and sings it

And I've been listening to it for the past 20 years

He did not try to give me anything

Even he did not know me, my existence

But I received

I certainly received something from him

And it became an important part of me

At first, I didn't know what it was

At first, I didn't recognise what it was

Even now, I can't clearly explain to others what he gave me

But I know it was something very important for myself 20 years ago

And now, it is an inseparable piece of my life

It is an essential part of me

A significant part of myself

It made me "me" today

Without it, I'm not "me" now

And naturally & inevitably, I can't stop feeling gratitude for him

"I still have an appreciation for what he/she gave to my life"

A person who can feel like this is sensitive
A person who can think like this is beautiful
A person who doesn't forget gratitude is pure

so attractive