Japan ― Humidity ― Asia

24/June/2023 in Tokyo

Summer is when I feel "Japan" the most

Past 1 months
slowly but surely, humidity is increasing

Air feels heavier
Smell from trees & flowers feels stronger
Clothes, books, hairs......everything I touch feels somewhat wet

It really makes me feel "Japan"

It really makes me convinced
it is humidity that Japanese culture was born from 

Humidity......, it makes everything sticky 

And this stickiness is something that exists throughout this country,
throughout its history & throughout its culture

Collective society ― Excessive expectations each other ― Co-dependant relationships

Obsession with cleanness & orders

Softness ― cute ― Kawaii

And unfilled, unsatisfied, intense emotions that Japanese arts always express 

......All is very "sticky"

Life of Japanese people are sticky
Relationship between Japanese people are sticky
Japanese arts are sticky
& Everything Japanese people touch become sticky

This dense suffocating humidity is something I never feel in Europe

And this humidity is a reminder that Japan is surely a part of Asia

Countless islands
Endless ocean
Affluent water
& Benevolent humidity