Impossibility of Sharing


In the last day in Nara

Rainy morning

Saw a flower

Looked beautiful

I didn't know the name

Asked Google

"Japanese Andromeda"

Such a fascinating name

A couple of days later, looked up the Japanese name


Then, suddenly realised this is the flower that an essay I was reading before visiting Nara mentioned

Written by a Japanese novelist who visited Nara in 1920s, as he was impressed by the flower

When reading the essay 1 month ago I didn't know how Asebi looked like

But now I knew it & could imagine his impression more vividly

Felt like "Connecting the dots"

To sum up, this accidental meeting with the flower brought 3 joys to my life

One - Beautiful look
Two - Fascinating name
Three - "Connecting the dots" experience

Then, after all of this, one question came up;

"Is it possible to share this joy with others?"

My intuition said "No"

My joy is not a simple addition of above 3 points but much bigger

Each points affected each other/synergistic effects & increased total joy

Others probably can understand each single point

Snowing the flower photo
Then others could agree with its beauty

Showing the screenshot of the English name
Then others would think it's an interesting name

Explaining the essay and "connecting the dots" experience
Then others could imagine my intellectual pleasure 

But this is not the joy I got at the end

The amount of joy I received was not the one from a simple addition, like 1 + 1 + 1 = 3

But 1 + 1 + 1 = 10 or 20 or 30, bigger than 3 

Something happened in "+"
And the outcome became much bigger

........then I realised what I'd hoped to share with others is this obscure peculiar delightful experience coming from this "+", this synergistic effects

And to share this, to get others understand this, verbal explanation.....exactly what I'm doing here far from enough

Seems any words aren't enough

Seems impossible to share

.......Still haven't found the way to share it with others