When I kissed her,
I noticed some smell from her mouth

Very subtle smell

Coffee or cigarette or.....something she probably took several hours ago

What I vividly felt, when noticing this subtle smell, was

she's surely a human being

I vividly felt
she was surely an animal who was still alive

A living animal
..........that has a warm body & always gives off all kinds of smells to the outside world

A living existence
..........that is very uncertain, very unstable, very unfinished, very unorganised & very chaotic, just like a garbage box

A living human being is a garbage box

All kind of thing is inside our body
Everything is inside our body
"The world" is inside our body

Her own world was surely inside her small body
& all her attraction originated from there

.......My right hand was on her left leg, stroking

Kiss was continuing

Felt like I was hearing the sound of her lively sizzling dazzling youth from her mouth