A middle-aged man has to be fat


*Japanese ver

"A middle-aged guy has to be fat"

is something I was thinking while flying from Barcelona to Roma a few years ago

A couple of seats ahead, a middle-aged European guy was sitting

What caught my attention was his long skinny legs

"Long skinny legs"

This could sound something positive

But my impression was nothing positive but rather morbid

His skinny legs & baggy jeans looked somewhat fundamentally wrong

Then, I noticed there are only 2 options for a middle-aged man

1 ― Being chubby

2 ― Paying close attention to his clothes & be fashionable

And being chubby is the only desirable option, in my opinion

"Middle-aged man"

Only one image can be extracted from this word;

A guy with extra fat, loosen body, rounded face & dull clothes

"Freshness" he's had in his youth vanished completely
"Sharpness" he's had in his youth were all rounded entirely
"Passion" he's had in his youth was replaced with "Give up" thoroughly

"A middle-aged man" is something that brings us a sense of sorry & sympathy

In other words, he is somewhat easy-to-approach, friendly & amicable

And this is why a middle-age man has to be fat

Realistic, down-to-earth, pragmatic realisations from one's life experiences are cold & bitter

But his rounded face & chubby body all offset it & make it mild

If he has a well-shaped body & good fashion, he could look "too perfect" & unapproachable

And what's worse, it looks he still has enough self-consciousness

But self-consciousness is fundamentally for young people

A middle-aged man should have an optimistic nonchalant attitude, as in "Doesn't matter, life goes on anyway, take it easy"

Paying attention to everything
Being too serious
Obsessive notions
Being a perfectionist

.......these excessive energy, excessive self-consciousness & excessive sensitivity are suitable only for a young person

Nonchalance & tolerance are what is suitable for a middle-aged man

Unless it's something specifically important for himself, he should not care about trivial matters, that are 99% of things in life

His over-weight, unshaped body & rounded face are exactly a representative of what is inside in him, carelessness & nonchalance

On the contrary, a middle-aged guy who is not chubby has to take care of his fashion

Otherwise, his careless attitude on his look seems just his laziness & his skinny body never gives off a friendly impression but it only looks miserable & ill-looking

However, again, paying attention to one's look is a result of self-consciousness, and self-consciousness is the most unsuitable quality for a middle-aged man

........A middle-aged man has to be chubby. This is the only way for a middle-aged man