Skin Exposure


Spending summer time in Europe

Seeing a complete different attitude towards one's own body between here & my country

This sometimes feels to me almost painfully

Simply put,
Europeans show their skin far more than Japanese

I should probably specify, "European women" & "Japanese women"

The level of skin exposure is extraordinary among European women

........Then, seeing these women everyday everywhere, do I, as a straight guy, feel "arousal" more often here than in Japan?

The answer is, Not really

At least this is not the emotion I get first

Through their skin, through their exposed skin, I feel "the difference" almost painfully

The different between me & them

Different social norm from mine
Different mindset from mine
Different upbringing from mine
Different culture from mine
Different history from mine

.......all makes them feel natural & careless to show their skin to the public

Having spent summer in Europe numerous times so far

But I'm still unsure if these European ladies with revealing clothing seem to my eyes more attractive than Japanese ladies whose fashion is relatively conservative, less skin exposure

Rather, occasionally I feel some sort of boredom in seeing these European women

Because they seem to think
more skin = more attractive

This automatism & mundanity is basically the same as the ones that macho, big body, shave-head men have, as in "Muscle is the only clothes for 'real' men"

In Europe,
there is surely a certain notion which is tightly related to one's body, a certain affinity with "being natural", a certain belief that body......natural the source of attraction

while in Asia, specifically East Asia, especially in Japan,
there is a notion that considers the body somewhat shameful, a scornful attitude towards the body, avoidance "rawness" the human body inevitably has, disdain "directness" & prefer "indirectness", and cover the body up with various clothes. And this technique of covering up......"How to cover", namely "How to hide body" often the source of attraction

And my view & perception are inevitably stained with this notion