Pain of losing a memory


A couple of weeks ago

It was 2am, in the midnight
At my flat in Krakow

"I'll go home"

A woman abruptly said to me

I felt,
probably this was the last time to see her face
probably we would not meet up again

Then, the next moment,
one memory suddenly came to my mind.......

.......It was a few days prior

At night

She took me to a rather local bar

Sitting outside
holding a sweet cherry wine
& chatting

This scene suddenly popped up in my mind

And, sharp pain was momentarily passing by

Probably because
I felt like I would never ever repeat that memory again with her

That night in the wine bar with her

Was that "extraordinarily", "unforgettably" fun time for me?

Well, I would not say so

But surely, it was one of the nicest moments

in my time in Krakow
in summer in 2023
in experiences with her

That is, one of the precious moments of my life

When she said "I'll go home", probably I felt,

Not seeing her again


Unable to repeat that nice time with her again


Losing one of my precious moments


Losing one memory of my life

..........And it caused a pinch of pain